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Lawnside Academy



Our intention is to deliver an exciting and purposeful RE curriculum to equip our children with knowledge and understanding of a range of religions and views, to support them to develop and understand their own ideas and beliefs. Our aim is for the children at our school to be understanding and tolerant of others’ beliefs, regardless of their own ideas, needs and experiences. We also aim to teach our children to develop an insight into their own beliefs by reflecting on the beliefs of others.



At Lawnside Academy, we follow the Central Bedfordshire RE Agreed Syllabus 2018-2023, which supports our teachers to provide an interesting and engaging RE curriculum. This syllabus, and therefore our RE teaching, focuses on depth rather than breadth when learning about religions. Studying the key ideas and belief systems of religions can be challenging and it is therefore important for our pupils to have time to understand concepts fully, rather than learning about a wide range of religions at a surface level.

Our RE curriculum is taught through three elements to the teaching and learning process:

  • Making sense of beliefs
  • Understanding the impact
  • Making connections



Our RE curriculum provides a clear path of progression, taken from the Central Bedfordshire RE Agreed Syllabus. Teachers know that pupils have achieved the expected outcomes stated in the syllabus through discussions about their learning in lessons and the work produced by the pupils. On a broader level, we will know that our RE curriculum is achieving our intentions through the daily interactions between children, and between children and staff, where tolerance and understanding of others’ beliefs is demonstrated.