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Lawnside Academy

Biggleswade Community Union of Schools (BCUS)

The moral purpose of BCUS is to deliver outstanding educational provision for young people in Biggleswade and surrounding areas within the framework of a positive and vibrant environment that develops a passion for lifelong learning.


Each school within BCUS is committed to providing:

  • A safe and caring environment where children and young people thrive
  • Outstanding learning where children and young people achieve
  • An outward-facing community where children and young people aspire
  • A strong cultural ethos where children and young people value society


To support each other in the achievement of our aims BCUS schools are committed to:

  • The provision of a continuous curriculum that prepares children and young people for the next stage in their development

  • Sharing resources and expertise in the pursuit of creating and developing an exceptional workforce of school based practitioners

  • Seeking opportunities to minimise the additional costs of operating schools so that resources are targeted on the educational needs of children and young people.

BCUS headteachers and governors meet regularly to work on joint priorities together, such as transition, new school provision and joint development priorities.