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Lawnside Academy


Our aims and objectives in relation to pupils' attendance are to:

  • maximise attendance so that all pupils can gain full access to our curriculum and be enabled to reach their full academic potential and achieve a high level of personal and social well-being;
  • ensure that pupils are safe and that their whereabouts are known;
  • eliminate unauthorised absence;
  • discourage families from arranging holidays during school terms;
  • ensure that parents and carers understand clearly when it is appropriate to keep their children off school and when this constitutes unauthorised absence;
  • ensure that school staff and parents and carers are familiar with and adhere to our procedures for registering pupils’ attendance, and reporting, recording and following up a pupil’s absence or lateness;
  • ensure that pupils and their parents and carers understand the importance of regular and consistent attendance;
  • make clear to parents and carers the consequences of failing to ensure that their children attend school;
  • ensure that children enjoy coming to school and are highly motivated to attend regularly and consistently.